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Election 2020: The Democrats' Race For Black Voters

Feb 26, 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders takes the stage ahead of a town hall with black lawmakers on April 18, 2019, in Spartanburg, S.C. Ahead of the event, Sanders announced 2020 campaign endorsements from seven black South Carolina lawmakers, a show of force in a state where black voters comprise most of the Democratic primary electorate.
Credit AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

Low turnout among African American voters was a significant factor in Hilary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in 2016. In the 2020 election cycle, many of the remaining Democratic presidential hopefuls are struggling to connect with voters of color. 

Last night in Charleston, the Democrats made a final, desperate, and at times chaotic, appeal to black voters and others ahead of the South Carolina and Super Tuesday primaries.  

Today on Midday, as Democrats court black voters, a conversation with a panel of experts about what "the black vote" is.  It’s obviously not monolithic. How do African Americans divide along age, gender and levels of political engagement?  Can Democrats count on voters of color in this year’s effort to unseat Donald Trump? 


Larry GibsonUniversity of Maryland Law Professor

E.R. Shipp, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Rev. Dr. Kevin Slayton,  former Board of Elections official 

Nyki Robinson, founder and CEO of Black Girls Vote

This conversation was livestreamed on WYPR's Facebook page. Watch the video here.