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Donald Hicken: Looking Back, And Ahead, After 36 Years at BSA

Aug 26, 2016

Donald Hicken led BSFA's Theater Dept for 36 years.
Credit Baltimore School for the Arts

Donald Hicken -- one of the most admired figures in the Baltimore theater community -- retired in June after a 36-year career heading the Theater Department at the Baltimore School for the Arts.  

He helped plan the school back in the late 1970s, and in the years since, as the school has gained national renown, he’s worked to inspire and cultivate countless young talents. Some of his most well-known students include Jada Pinkett-Smith, Tupac Shakur, Tracie Thoms, and Josh Charles.  But for generations of School for the Arts graduates who landed in careers that didn’t put their names in lights, the experience of studying with Donald Hicken still shines brightly. 

Donald Hicken joins Tom in the studio to reflect on his nearly four decades at the BSFA, and on the creative new projects that lie ahead.

Don Hicken is directing a production of "Wait Until Dark” at the Everyman Theatre. That show begins September 7th and runs through October 9th.

This conversation originally aired on June 18, 2016.