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Doctor Who, Mobtown Doulas, and Road Dogs

Aug 13, 2015

Fans attempt to explain the sci-fi universe of Doctor Who, we meet Mobtown Doulas Carla Paisley and Emily Leffler-Schulman, and transcontinental touring musicians (with day jobs) Elias Schutzman and Lazlo Lee

 In case you missed it, back in March, there was disruption in the space-time continuum.  Specifically, the area affected was the Hunt Valley Inn on Schawan Road.  The hotel was commandeered by a science-fiction convention called Re-Generation Who.  Organizers billed the event as ‘a safe space where all Doctor Who fans can meet the actors, show off their costumes, and spend time with other people who love the show.”  Aaron Henkin reported on the singularity, which had local ‘Whovians’ humming a tune…
  We hear a lot these days about people getting back to basics - canning and fermenting vegetables, knitting and crocheting, gardening and composting. But what about… having babies? Producer Lisa Morgan brings us this story about the Mobtown Doulas' modern approach to an age old practice.
Road Dogs Lazlo Lee and Elias Schutzman
Have you ever heard the expression, ‘Road Dogs’?  It’s what they call long-haul truckers.  It’s also what they call touring musicians.  The difference, though?  When a trucker gets home, he takes a nap.  When a musician gets home, he goes back to his day job.  Elias Schutzman, of The Flying Eyes, is a road-dog of the latter variety, and he brings us this profile of fellow touring musician, Lazlo Lee, of Lazlo Lee and the Motherless Children.