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Doctor Who, To Kill the Other, and Bmore en Español

Mar 19, 2015

Fans attempt to explain the sci-fi universe of Doctor Who, Danuta Hinc discusses her novel, To Kill the Other, and Monica Lopez-Gonzalez previews the Bmore en Español film festivial

The TARDIS awaits...
  In case you’re not aware, there’s a pending disruption in the space-time continuum headed our way next weekend.  Specifically, the area affected will be the Hunt Valley Inn on Schawan Road, where from March 27th through the 29th, the hotel will be commandeered by a science-fiction convention called Re-Generation Who.  Organizers are billing the event as ‘a safe space where all Doctor Who fans can meet the actors, show off their costumes, and meet other people who love the show.”  As Aaron Henkin reports, the impending singularity has local Whovians humming a tune.
  How does a scholarly boy from an affluent Egyptian family grow up to be a terrorist? Danuta Hinc’s new novel, To Kill the Other, imagines the story of the gradual radicalization of a young man in the years leading up to the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Through his travels in Egypt, Israel, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the young man, Taher, is molded by the people he meets and the things he sees, experiences which lead him down the dark path to his own destruction. Danuta Hinc spoke with Signal producer Lisa Morgan about her journey inside the mind of a killer.
This March 27th, a new film festival joins the ranks of Baltimore’s cinematic offerings.  The first annual Bmore en Español film festival is a showcase of contemporary Spanish-language and bilingual Spanish-English films.  Organizer Monica Lopez-Gonzalez joins Aaron Henkin to share the details.