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Dissolving Boundaries And Making Music

Sep 18, 2020

Amit Peled (L) in Baltimore instructs Elham Al Marzooqi (R) in Abu Dhabi, during an Online Cello Academy session via Zoom.

The word ‘Zoom’ takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. It’s no longer just a reference to speed … though it has accelerated the ease with which people connect, whether across town or around the globe. Cellist Amit Peled felt that boosted connection in his newly launched online cello academy--his response to being cut off from students by the pandemic’s lockdowns. Plus, his student from Abu Dhabi, Elham Al Marzooqi, the first and only female cellist in United Arab Emirates, shares her experience.

Amit Peled performs the Bach Suites via livestream at An Die Musik this Sunday, Sept. 20 at 3pm.

For information about the Online Cello Academy, visit this link.