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Democrats call on Hogan to protect the Bay

Mar 23, 2017

House Speaker Michael Busch is surrounded by Democratic legislators and environmental activists as he criticizes Gov. Larry Hogan at a press conference Thursday.
Credit Rachel Baye / WYPR

Democrats in the General Assembly and environmental activists called Thursday for Gov. Larry Hogan to challenge President Donald Trump’s proposed $73 million cut eliminating the Chesapeake Bay Program. During Thursday's floor session, the legislators introduced a resolution criticizing the cuts and directing Hogan to act.

“Silence is acquiescence in the destruction of the Chesapeake Bay,” said Senate President Mike Miller. “We’re not going to let it happen on our watch.”

Chesapeake Bay Commission Executive Director Ann Swanson said the cuts will hurt all of the states that border the Bay.

“For the state of Maryland, the Bay Program cut, that $73 million cut, it means $9 million,” Swanson said. “For Pennsylvania — because remember, water flows downhill — it means $11 million.”

She said the Bay Program is just one part of Maryland’s efforts to protect the environment that would be stifled under Trump’s proposed cuts. For example, he also plans reductions at federal agencies that monitor the health of Maryland’s environment.