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Creating Art Out of Challenges

Sep 25, 2018

Credit @makestudiobmore / Make Studio's Instagram account

As WYPR asks for listener support during Pledge Week, On the Record is listening back to interesting conversations with local artists, so you can see your pledge dollars at work.

Artists who face challenges find a welcoming space at Make Studio in Hampden - we meet art therapist Cathy Goucher, who co-founded Make Studio, and artist, Erika Clark.

Listen to our full conversation from February 2018.

Credit MICA

Then, fabric artist and MICA professor Annet Couwenberg talks about using new and old technology to create art.

You can check out her work at the upcoming exhibit Form.Print, which will open at the end of January at Towson University. The exhibition centers on 3-D digital fabrication and the collaboration between artist, machine, and operator.

Listen to our full conversation from August 2017.