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Community Schools

Sep 16, 2016

Oyler School in Cincinnati, from a documentary produced and directed by Amy Scott, in association with American Public Media’s Marketplace.
Credit Glenn Harton

In the 1990's, Cincinnati's schools were so bad that Ohio's Supreme Court deemed them unconstitutional and demanded a radical overhaul.  The city answered the call with a remarkable innovation:  They   converted the schools into community learning centers, where healthcare, dental care and daycare could all happen in the building, right alongside academics.  Wes looks at how community schools changed life in Cincinnati, and how Baltimore has begun to embrace the trend, as well.

Voices in this episode include:

Amy Scott, Education correspondent for Marketplace and director of the documentary film, Oyler

Darlene Kamine, Executive Director of the Community Learning Center Institute in Cincinnati

Julia Baez, Senior Director of Initiatives for the Family League of Baltimore

Job Grotsky, Principal of Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School

Larry Simmons, Former Community School Coordinator for Westside Elementary, now Community School Coordinator for Tench-Tilghman

Marty Blank, President of the Institute for Educational Leadership, and Director of the Coalition for Community Schools