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Closing The Digital Divide: The Future Of Technology

Dec 23, 2020

Close up of students' hands on tablets
Credit Alliance for Excellent Education via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

COVID-19 has changed the way we gather, moving much of our social, work, and communal lives online. People are using the internet for things like doctors’ appointments and religious services, and countless institutions have had to quickly adapt to deal with the new reality.

But getting online isn’t always so easy, especially in a city like Baltimore, where many residents lack access to high-speed internet and the devices or digital literacy skills necessary to use it.

On this month's episode of Future City, we discuss the digital divide, learn how people are pushing back against racial, economic, and geographic inequities in technology, and hear about creative ways seniors, teachers, students, and workers are adapting to digital life during a pandemic. 


John Horrigan, Senior Fellow, Technology Policy Institute

Chrissie Powell, Executive Director of Byte Back Baltimore and founding leader of the Baltimore Digital Equity Coalition


Nicol Turner-Lee, Director of The Center for Technology Innovation and Senior Fellow of Governance Studies for The Brookings Institution 


Linda Poon, Staff writer for CityLab