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Black History, Black Future

Feb 5, 2021

Learning to Live founder Bianca Willis (top) joins Jason Bass, director of culture and impact at Hotel Revival, in a community conversation to celebrate Black History Month. La Fete Rose CEO Donae Burston joins them.
Credit Top: Sarah McClanahan, bottom, Hotel Revival

Each February the U.S. celebrates Black History Month to commemorate successes and struggles of the past. Hotel Revival’s Jason Bass plans to turn that on its head. Not to dispel the importance of African-American icons, but to hold up changemakers of the present. We get a preview of the community conversations happening this month, that highlight local Black business owners and creatives, like Bianca Willis of Learning to Live.

Bass says: “Sometimes we just, we only talk about the things that happened in the past. And I’d like to shift our view a little bit more and celebrate the happenings in the now, the history that is being created right now.”

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