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Bill to Shield Non-Violent Misdemeanors in the Legislature

Feb 28, 2014

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The Maryland legislature is considering a bill called the "Maryland Second Chance Act of 2014" (SB 0804, HB 1166) which would shield convictions for ten non-violent misdemeanors from the eyes of the public-including most employers. A path to a second chance, or an unfair restriction on employers?

In this interview, Sheilah Kast speaks with Caryn York, policy associate for the non-profit Job Opportunities Task Force. Also in studio is Darryl McCallum, an attorney with Shawe and Rosenthal, who represents business owners in labor law and employment issues. McCallum is also a member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the bill.

York and McCallum discuss what the bill would do, what's changed from last year's proposal and how job seekers and employers could be impacted if this bill passes.

A Senate hearing is scheduled for March 4.

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