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Behold The Power Of Music

Aug 8, 2019

Teacher Dawn Johnson uses music to teach math concepts at a Summer Arts and Learning Academy class in northeast Baltimore. (not pictured, but heard -- teaching artist Steve Cypher.)
Credit Melissa Gerr

Heed this advice from first graders: If math scares you … just sing about it! We visit teacher Dawn Johnson and teaching artist Steve Cypher's class at the Young Audiences Summer Arts and Learning Academy to discover how 7-year-olds tame tough equations through song. We also hear from YA education director, Kristina Berdan.

Plus, we meet pianist and composer Scott Patterson, who’ll perform his future-focused compositions tonight at the Peale Center … on a grand piano that’s 140 years old. His commitment to his craft is matched by his goal of helping humanity aspire to greatness.

Scott Patterson
Credit Dagfoto

For more info about Scott Patterson and Afro House, visit this link. For information about Patterson's Peale Center performance, visit this link.

For Summer Arts and Learning Academy, visit this link.