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Baltimore City Council Freshman Class

Mar 1, 2017

l-r Councilman Leon Pinkett, Councilwoman Shannon Sneed, Councilman Ryan Dorsey.
Credit Baltimore City Council

Today a conversation with three new members of the Baltimore City Council. Last November, voters elected eight new members to the council. At that time, pundits predicted that these new, often younger members would shake things up. So how are the first few months going and what can we expect from the city council going forward?  

There’s a public hearing tonight on a proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. On Monday, the council passed a resolution tranfer control of the  Baltimore police department from the state to the city. And, funding for the school system is front of mind. We’ll find out where these freshmen lawmakers stand on these and other issues facing them in their first weeks in office.  

 Joining Tom in the studio: Councilman Leon Pinkett represents Baltimore's 7th districtCouncilwoman Shannon Sneed represents Baltimore's 13th district Councilman Ryan Dorsey represents Baltimore's 3rd district