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An Answer in Song for Modern Times: “Let the Trees Do What They Will.”

Aug 5, 2020

Singer and songwriter Caleb Stine – a folk music legend in Baltimore -- is playing his guitar on the porch of his rowhouse in the city’s Remington neighborhood.

He recently released a new song called “Let the Trees Do What They Will.” In a way, it’s a radical political statement about modern America – but not radical in the way most people would think.

“Hell, I guess in some ways you could call me a conservative,” Stine said during an interview on a recycled backseat from a van set up on his porch, his guitar beside him. “I want to conserve things. In fact, I might even be a radical conservative in that I think that not only should we conserve our environment, our natural lands, I think we should prevent development upon them, and we should regain and rewild lands that should not have been developed.  

During a time of pandemic and economic collapse, his lyrics are uplifting.

“When you start to look around and you realize that every human being is suffering – it gives you just sort of a desire to connect,” Stine said.  “And give a hug.”

Here’s the song, “Let the Trees Do What They Will” by Caleb Stine and The Revelations, from their album Mystic Country.

The record is available, among other places, at Normals Books And Records, 425 E. 31st St. in Baltimore.

You can also listen to this song and others in a Friends of Patterson Park “Hidden Tracks”concert video on YouTube.


Photo of Caleb Stine from Creative Alliance