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American Indian Communities Work To Cope With Covid-19

May 19, 2020

Louis Campbell, lead male dancer, in traditional dress.
Credit Teko Alejo

In the world of public health data is king. A syndrome, a disorder, a disease … must be widely tracked in order to garner the resources and support to eradicate it. The U.S. Native American population is flying under the radar in the Covid 19 toll … being categorized as ‘other.’ Kerry Hawk Lessard, executive director of Native American Lifelines in Baltimore tells us why that could devastate her community. Plus, Louis Campbell, educator and sought-after lead male dancer, talks about how native communities around the country are practicing social distance pow wows.

To see a video of Louis Campbell dancing to modern blended music from A Tribe Called Red, visit this link. To see photos of Campbell in traditional dress, visit this link.

For information on Native American Lifelines, visit this link. For general pow wow information, visit this link.