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Is Abuse Hidden During Shelter In Place?

May 15, 2020

Credit Peter Bulthuis Flickr/Creative Commons

What does it mean that reported cases of child abuse in Maryland plummeted after the stay at home order in March, and are now edging up again? Adam Rosenberg of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center, says the reality doesn’t match the numbers. Teachers, child-care workers, therapists and others who might normally spot something going on with a child--and have a duty to report it--aren’t close enough these days. We ask Rosenberg how reporting could be streamlined, how technology might help caseworkers check in with families, and where he thinks the situation is headed.

To view the BCAC PSA, visit this link.  DJ Kopec dance party fund raiser info is here and the NSPCC link is here. To read the Baltimore Sun child abuse op ed, visit this link. For information on CASA, Court Appointed Child Advocates, visit this link.