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$20 Million to Fight HIV in Baltimore

Oct 6, 2015

Truvada is a once-a-day pill that can prevent people from contracting HIV.

  More than 13,000 people in Baltimore are living with HIV or AIDS, and the city has the sixth highest rate in the country of people newly diagnosed with HIV. Late last month, the Baltimore City Health Department won $20 million in federal grants to target vulnerable populations - gay men and transgender people -- and to build partnerships with community groups. We’ll find out about the city's strategy from Dr. Patrick Chaulk, assistant commissioner for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.  

Then Dr. Robert Redfield, an HIV researcher and clinician, tells us why he thinks the city could END its HIV epidemic.

And Kevin Holt, an advocate in the LGBT community, shares how how being HIV-positive helps him connect with young people who are at-risk.