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Expanding Knowledge Of Pluto; Summer Biopics; Hollywood Blanks


When the New Horizons spacecraft left Earth nine years ago, we were still calling Pluto a planet. Now, after traveling some 3 billion miles, the mission is sending back dwarf planet's first close-ups. We talk with project scientist Hal Weaver at New Horizon’s Operations Center in Laurel about what we're learning.

Then, whose life was more interesting? Marlon Brando's, Amy Winehouse's, or an African-American transgender prostitute's? Find out when Tom Hall speaks with our movie gurus, Jed Dietz of the Maryland Film Festival and Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post.

Plus, the local band Hollywood Blanks got together while its members were studying at St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland. Ahead of their performance at Artscape Sunday, we ask about their new album, and what influenced them.