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ClearPath - Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth

Mondays at 5:44 pm
  • Hosted by Hosted by: Al Waller, Catherine Collinson & Hector De La Torre

Al Waller is the host and he often joined by either Catherine Collinson, the Transamerica Institute’s founding president who also leads Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies® TCRS (a foremost expert on the state of retirement readiness in America), and/or Hector De La Torre, who leads the The Transamerica Center for Health StudiesSM TCHS, discuss the broad range of issues related to financial literacy, retirement, and health and wellness. 

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Those individuals that display a higher level of retirement preparedness.

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  In a crowded marketplace, why is one hospital better than another.

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What are the steps and documents you need to have your financial house in order.

The new employer mandate contained within the ACA.

Juhan Sonin

  What to expect in 2015 as Medicare turns 50.

How baby boomers are changing the landscape of retirement, and how to make sure you're taking the right steps to retire the way you want to.

How does the ACA affect COBRA benefits?

Greg and Hector discuss some of the lesser known points of the special enrollment period for those uninsured in 2014.

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What is the expected amount you will need in retirement?

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  The fundamentals of retirement investing.

Tax Season

Mar 30, 2015

Tax Season and the penalty associated with the ACA.


Mar 24, 2015

The Small Business Health Option Program.

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  Important milestones on your way to retirement.

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Some advice on how to try and stay healthy and the current state of American and health.

What businesses need to know about 2015 mandates.

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Set your goals, make a plan and SAVE!

What can you do if you missed the Open Enrollment deadline of 2/15/15?

  What steps do you need to take to get your financial house in order.

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What is the Savers Credit?

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A special one-hour edition of ClearPath  at 7 pm with guest experts Nicole Duritz, AARP, and Mary Beth Franklin, InvestmentNews will offer unique insights and clear-cut advice about Medicare and Social Security benefits, and the decisions Americans getting ready for retirement need to make.


How have women been interacting with the ACA.

A special one hour edition of ClearPath with guest experts Kimberly Palmer, US News & World Report, and Erin Hemlin, nonprofit Young Invincibles, talk about the long-term health and wealth of Millennials and share what they should be doing to prepare for their eventual retirement security, as well as unique health care options for these young Americans.

The IRS is increasing the maximum amount that taxpayer can contribute.

7 Million people signed up for health insurance last year.  We'll discuss navigating this new arena.

As economy has recovered, what have employers done to help employees with retirement benefits offerings?

Baby Boomers are facing Medicare age and the things you should do to prepare are discussed.


  How have boomers changed the typical perceptions around retirement.

Don't be discouraged.  There is time to "catch up" on your retirement savings.

This show also aired on 11/24/14

  Part three of the ACA revisted one year later.