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'Til the Well Runs Dry, Interweaving Traditions, Drop Electric B Side, and Greg Abel at The Stoop

Apr 10, 2014

Lauren Francis Sharma's novel, Til the Well Runs Dry, Interweaving Traditions:  Bookbinding across Cultures, Drop Electric's Mobtown Studios B Side Session, and Greg Abel at The Stoop...

 Til the Well Runs Dry is an epic tale of troubled love and a terrible secret.  It’s also a vibrant portrait of the West Indian island of Trinidad.  Lauren Francis Sharma joins Aaron Henkin for a look inside the story of her debut novel.
     Interweaving Traditions:  Bookbinding across Cultures is a new temporary exhibition at the Reginald F Lewis Museum.  It’s a collection of hand-bound art-books created by young refugees to Baltimore from troubled areas around the world.  MICA student Victoria Timpo and Kursten Pickup of BCCC’s Refugee Youth Project have been guiding the young art-makers through their creative process, and they join Aaron Henkin for a look at the result.
photo by Tedd Henn
Each ten-minute installment in Mobtown Studios’ music-documentary series, The B Side Sessions, is a souvenir from a day-long recording marathon.   Here’s how it works:  A band shows up in the morning at Baltimore’s revered rowhouse-turned-sound-studio, they eat some donuts, drink some coffee (or beer), they play some songs, and they talk about life.  It’s all recorded for posterity by sound engineers, photographers, and videographers.  Then it’s mixed, sliced, diced, and put up for the world to enjoy at www.mobtownstudios.com.  The DC band Drop Electric stepped up to the mics for a recent B-Side Session, and we’re happy to share the result.
photo by Emily Tobias
Baltimore’s Bolton Street Synagogue recently played host to a Stoop Storytelling event titled:  It’s Complicated – the Joys and Oys of Jewish Life.  Greg Abel took the stage that night, and the happily married father of two confessed, as you’ll hear, to a largely unsuccessful ( but quite colorful) dating past.