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The Three Sisters in "Crimes of the Heart"

Feb 5, 2014

Beth Hylton as Lenny, Dorea Schmidt as Babe, and Megan Anderson as Meg.
Credit Stan Barouh

The Everyman Theater’s production of Crimes of the Heart marks the company’s one year anniversary in its new home on Fayette Street in the Bromo Tower Arts and Entertainment District on Baltimore’s West Side. Written by Beth Henley, Crimes of the Heart is a play about three sisters in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. This morning, we talk with the three sisters who star in the play: Beth Hylton, Dorea Schmidt and Megan Anderson.

The actresses cite women like Henley as the reason they have the ability to develop a career in theater with strong female roles.  “We now take it for granted that this amazing play exists," said Anderson.  "To really sink our teeth into these really rich characters--it’s such a treat.” 

Crimes of the Heart is at the Everyman Theater on Baltimore’s West Side until Sunday, February 9.