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Talking With The Judicial Candidates: The 'Sitting Judges'

Mar 25, 2016

Judge Audrey J.S. Carrion, Judge Wanda Keyes Heard, Judge Karen C. Friedman, Judge Michael A. DiPietro, Judge Cynthia H. Jones, Judge Shannon E. Avery. (left to right)
Credit The Baltimore City Sitting Judges Campaign

Next month, Baltimore City voters will be asked to elect judges to the 8th Circuit Court. Of the eight candidates, six are sitting judges running in what’s known as a retention election. 

The sitting judges -- Shannon Avery, Michael DiPietro, Karen “Chaya” Friedman, Cynthia Jones, Audrey Carrión and Wanda Keyes Heard – were appointed by former Governors after being recommended by a non-partisan commission. The judges are campaigning as a block, although they will not be identified as “sitting judges” on the ballot. Last week, the two candidates not appointed by a governor, Todd Oppenheim and James Kraft, were on the program. Sitting Judges Shannon Avery and Cynthia Jones join Tom to discuss how they were appointed and why they deserve to keep their seats.