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Stories from the Stoop: Kate Pratt

Oct 7, 2016

Now we’re going to hear the first installment of a new weekly feature on our show, a true tale from Baltimore’s Stoop Storytelling Series. Our first storyteller is Kate Pratt, a certified eye-bank technician and transplant coordinator. Her job is to surgically remove eye tissue from donors who recently died for use in transplants and research. In this story, edited for brevity, Kate describes the case of a teenager who died in a skateboarding accident. Out of more than a thousand procedures, this one stayed with her. We join the story just after Kate Pratt has been called to the hospital.

On Monday Oct. 10, the Stoop will stage its first show this season, “Fight Club: Stories about struggles, skirmishes, conflicts, and confrontations." It’s at the Senator Theatre at 7 p.m.