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Rosés From France

Jul 26, 2017

Credit Didriks/flickr

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The Wine List

Lucien Crochet Pinot Noir Rosé, Sancerre '16

Light bodied, tart red fruit, very food friendly

Quality: ** 

Price: $20-$40

Guillaume Gonnet Rosé, Tavel '16

Delicious fruit:  strawberry, cherries, pink grapefruit; good for dinner

Quality: ** 1/2 

Price: Less than $20

Domaine La Consonniere "L'Affrayant" Lirac '16

Slightly sparkling, very reminiscent of California viognier

Quality: **1/2

Price: Less than $20

Famillle Lançon "La Solitude" Rosé, Cotes du Rhone '16

Drink well chilled for a dry thirst-quenching aperitif

Quality: **

Price: Less than $20