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The Reports: July 10-July 14

Jul 10, 2017

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Click on the image for the Morning Economic Reports from the week of July 10.

July 10

According to a new study, approximately 3 million potential first time homebuyers have been shout out of the market over the past decade. The culprits include tight lending standards, acute shortages of affordable housing, student debt, and high rents, which have rendered it more challenging for households to amass down-payments...


July 11

We are now through the first half of the calendar year. So just how well has the worldwide economy performed thus far and what are the prospects for the balance of twenty-seventeen? Coming into the year, many economists viewed 2017 as a bounceback year after a mediocre 2016...


July 12

A barrage of disappointing economic reports is inducing more analysts to question whether the United Kingdom heading into a recession. As indicated by CNNMoney, evidence of economic slowing is building.  The British are presently saving the smallest share of disposable income in more than fifty years...  


July 13

At any given moment, there are many risks to an economic outlook. Most economists expect that the economic recovery that began during the summer of 2009 will continue through the balance of next year and into 2018...  


July 14

It has been said that men are from Mars and that women are from Venus.  Don’t believe it, both are from the planet Earth.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t key differences between men and women, including with respect to their divergent views on U.S. economic performance...