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Orfeia Vocal Ensemble, Johnny Eck, & The Bumper Jacksons

Feb 27, 2014

The members of Orfeia Vocal Ensemble, at the Bulgarian Embassy

Aaron Henkin presents a profile of Orfeia Vocal Ensemble, an unlikely group of American singers who’ve mastered the haunting, dissonant harmonies of traditional Bulgarian music.

Curator Jeffrey Pratt Gorgon at his MICA exhibit, "The Amazing Johnny Eck" (photo credit: Lisa Morgan)

The MICA exhibition, The Amazing Johnny Eck,  features paintings, sculptures, puppets, toys, photographs, and costumes belonging to the sideshow-performer-turned-Renaissance-man Johnny Eck. Producer Lisa Morgan stops by for a preview.  

Jess Eliot Mhyre and Chris Ousley of The Bumper Jacksons

There was a golden age in American music history when categories like ‘blues,’ ‘country,’ and ‘jazz’ didn’t really mean anything important to the people playing.  What was vital about the music was that it was fun to play.   The Bumper Jacksons happily take us back to that lost era.  They drop in for a visit with Aaron Henkin...