Mikulski Backs Brown, Gansler Prepares To Announce, and Obama Plans Thursday Visit To MD | WYPR

Mikulski Backs Brown, Gansler Prepares To Announce, and Obama Plans Thursday Visit To MD

Sep 23, 2013

Senator Barbara Mikulski has endorsed Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown’s gubernatorial bid. Attorney General Anthony Brown prepares to formally enter the race tomorrow. President Obama plans to talk about the Affordable Care Act in Maryland on Thursday. And more.

Mikulski Backs Brown: Senator Barbara Mikulski is the latest Maryland politician to endorse Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown’s campaign for governor. Mikulski appeared with Brown at a rally in Silver Spring yesterday, where she formally backed his bid for the state’s top job. The Baltimore Sun notes that the longtime Democratic Senator rarely makes endorsements in her party’s primary elections; she said yesterday her choice to support Brown’s bid was not one she made lightly. The Washington Post reports that, at yesterday’s event, Senator Mikulski praised Brown’s work in Annapolis, and his efforts to help Maryland implement the Affordable Care Act.

Why Gansler Really Does Need An Announcement Tour: Lieutenant Governor Brown’s vying for the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nomination with Montgomery County Delegate Heather Mizeur and Attorney General Doug Gansler – who’s set to formally launch his campaign tomorrow. On this morning’s edition of Inside Maryland Politics, WYPR's Fraser Smith and Joel McCord talk about Gansler's official entrance into the 2014 governor's race and what his next moves should be.

Van Hollen On Obamacare, Obama To Visit MD To Talk About The Law: The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is facing yet another challenge from Congress. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted last week for a budget bill that strips funding from Obamacare. It’s not likely go to go anywhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate, and even if it does, it faces a veto from President Obama. Recent polls show a majority of Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act… but 8th District Congressman Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat, is blaming that on “misinformation” spread by Republicans. Van Hollen added: “They’re not afraid that it’s going to be unsuccessful. They’re afraid that it’s going to be successful.” Van Hollen’s comments came yesterday, on ABC’s “This Week.” In related news, the Baltimore Sun reports that President will speak about the Affordable Care Act in Prince George’s County on Thursday.  His appearance comes just days before the health insurance exchanges created by the law open up enrollment.

Watson Enters Howard County Executive’s Race: Howard County Councilwoman Courtney Watson has formally declared that she’s getting in the race for Howard County Executive. Watson, a Democrat, will likely face Republican state Senator Allan Kittleman in the General Election; so far they’re the only candidates from their respective parties in the race. Both are seeking to replace outgoing Howard County Executive Ken Ulman; he’s leaving the job behind as he runs for lieutenant governor on Anthony Brown’s gubernatorial ticket. There’s more here from the Baltimore Sun.

Horse Euthanized Amid Fears Of Virus: A horse at the Bowie Training Center was euthanized over the weekend – after exhibiting possible symptoms of equine herpesvirus-1. The virus is very contagious and frequently fatal. 27 other horses have been isolated amid worries that they could have contracted the virus. Tests were conducted on the horse that was euthanized, and the Maryland Jockey club tells the Baltimore Sun that preliminary results were negative; additional test results won’t come back until Wednesday, and the isolated horses will remain so until the results are in. Maryland last saw equine herpesvirus in 2008 at Pimlico where five horses died.

Baltimore Baseball: The Orioles fell 3 to 1 to the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday. The loss puts the O’s four and a half games out of a Wild Card Spot. With just seven games in the regular season left, the O’s take on the Rays again tonight; tomorrow, they’ll be back in Baltimore for a series with the Blue Jays followed by another with the Red Sox.

Baltimore Football: the Ravens took down the Houston Texans 30 to 9 in yesterday’s game. Next week, the Ravens will be in Buffalo, for a game against the Bills.