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Midday News Wrap 10.13.17

Oct 13, 2017

BBJ reporter Melody Simmons; activist Heather Mizeur
Credit photos courtesy BBJ, CBS.

On this edition of the Midday News Wrap, ​our Friday review of some of the week's top news stories, Tom is joined in Studio A by Heather Mizeur, a former delegate in the Maryland General Assembly who ran a vigorous but unsuccessful campaign in 2014 for the Democratic nomination for governor. Mizeur recently launched a non-profit group called MizMaryland-Soul Force Politics, which is producing a policy blog and a podcast that Mizeur is hosting.

Melody Simmons also joins Tom in the studio.  Simmons is a veteran journalist and a reporter for the Baltimore Business Journal, which, on Wednesday, published her long piece -- in a BBJ series called "The Amazon Effect” – about the economic impact various Amazon projects will have on the city, and what they might cost in taxpayer subsidies.

Among the stories they discuss this week: President Trump has moved to cripple the affordable care act by executive order.  He will end subsidies for low income people who get insurance on the exchanges, and  change the rules regarding mandated benefits and protections that will further disrupt health care markets.  Trump seemed to tighten the screws on Puerto Rico, suggesting that federal help wouldn’t last forever.  This morning, before sunrise, he told the “wonderful people of Puerto Rico” that he would always be with them.  He also suggested that licenses for network news be challenged and maybe revoked.  BTW, Networks don’t hold federal licenses.  Harvey Weinstein’s creepiness gets creepier by the hour, and a mogul at Amazon Studios is let go after allegations of sexuual harrassment.

Here at home, the Maryland Gubernatorial race gained another candidate, Maya Rockeymore Cummings.  That brings to 8 the number of people vying for the chance to challenge Governor Larry Hogan, the presumed Republican nominee.  And a local labor activist, Greg Asbed, has been named one of this year’s MacArthur Foundation Geniuses.