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Midday News Wrap: 07.07.2017

Jul 7, 2017

Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Today, all eyes are on Hamburg Germany, the site of the G-20 summit, where about three hours ago, Donald Trump met Vladimir Putin for the first time as President. The meeting takes place as North Korea continues its sword rattling, the Syrian conflict continues to displace and kill thousands, big policy differences between the US and other G-20 members in areas like climate change are once again laid bare, and new economic agreements that exclude the US are taking shape.

Arkady Ostrovsky joins the conversation from London. He’s the Russia and Eastern Europe editor at The Economist Magazine, and the author of "The Invention of Russia: The Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News," which is out in paperback this week with a new forward about the Trump-Putin relationship.

Tom is also joined by Ron Christie who is on the line from New York. During the late 1990s, he served as an advisor to several members of Congress. In 2001, he was Vice President Dick Cheney’s deputy assistant for domestic policy, and later, he was a special assistant to President George W. Bush. He teaches at Georgetown University, and he’s the author of three books, the latest of which is "Blackwards: How Black Leadership is Returning America to the Days of Separate But Equal." He is the founder and president of Christie Strategies, a political consulting firm in Washington.