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Little Italy in Photos, Understanding Joy, and Musician Sean Beier

Jul 16, 2014

Photographer Harry Connolly on his 16 years in Little Italy; the gambling documentary ‘Understanding Joy’; and jazz musician Sean Beier

Harry Connolly's photo of Little Italy resident Rosa Vasta in her back yard
  Photographer Harry Connolly stood up in front of the parishioners at St. Leo the Great Church in Baltimore’s Little Italy, and he nervously introduced himself.  He explained to the congregation that, if they were willing, he’d like to wander the neighborhood during the year ahead, taking pictures of the local residents.  They approved – skeptically – but they’ve had plenty of time to warm up to their visitor.  His one year turned into sixteen years and a collection of more than 20,000 photographs.  Harry Connolly talks with Aaron Henkin about the images and stories he collected during his time in the close-knit, Italian community.
    Filmmakers Susan Hannah Hadary and John Anglim have created,Understanding Joy, a documentary about one woman’s gambling addiction.  “Joy” lost her home, her car, and her family.  She also stole 700,000 dollars from her employer. Producers Hadary and Anglim join the Signal’s Lisa Morgan to talk about the film.
Dominic Smith, Andrew Felix, and Sean Beier of Steady Pleasures
  Sean Beier pays is a visit with a bounty of new material – four albums worth.  Three of the discs capture the lush, live sound of Beier’s down-tempo jazz trio,Steady Pleasures.  The fourth is a fascinating, idiosyncratic solo project created entirely on an iPhone.  Beier joins Aaron Henkin for a tour through the new music.