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Hogan opposes Obamacare repeal

Jul 18, 2017

Gov. Larry Hogan
Credit Rachel Baye

Gov. Larry Hogan joined 10 other governors from around the country on Tuesday in opposing the Senate’s latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act without immediately replacing it.

Signed by five Democratic governors, five Republicans and one independent, the statement calls for a bipartisan plan for fixing unstable insurance markets while making insurance more affordable. It also urges congressional leaders to bring governors into the discussion on how to move forward.

The stance is consistent with what Hogan has said in the past, according to Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer.

“From the beginning of this debate until today, the governor’s been very clear that there’s people on the far right who want to do away with the current system, there’s people on the far left that want to keep everything the same, and neither of those two options are the correct ones,” Mayer said. “There’s got to be a road in the middle.”

By the time the statement was released, three Republican senators had already said they won’t support the new repeal effort, preventing it from getting off the ground.