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To Help Caregivers Cope, A Bounty of Resources

Nov 13, 2017

There are more than 42 million adult caregivers in the United States.
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Now, a conversation about the challenges posed by caregiving. 

Forty-two million Americans -- one in four adults -- is currently shouldering the enormous responsibility of caring for an aging relative.  Here in Maryland, more than 770,000 people have assumed the role of caregiver for their parents, grandparents, or family friends, either at home or elsewhere.

What toll is this taking on the caregivers?  Can they find the resources and services to cope with the emotional, physical, and financial stress of caregiving?  We asked two experts in the field to join us with some answers.

Amy Goyer is a specialist on Aging, Family and Caregiving at AARP in Washington.   She’s the author of “Juggling Life, Work and Caregiving,” in which she tells the story of her caring for her parents and her sister.  She joins Tom this afternoon on the line from NPR studios in New York.

Dorinda Adams is the Program Manager in the Office of Adult Services in the Maryland Department of Human Services.  She also helps direct the Maryland Caregivers Commission.  She joins Tom in Studio A.

With AARP, the Maryland Caregivers Commission is hosting a free symposium on caregiving featuring today's guest, Amy Goyer, tomorrow (Tuesday, November 14), from 8:00a-2:30p at the Hilton Hotel at BWI Airport.  Click here for details.