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Growing Start-Ups in Baltimore: Money, Tools and Talent

Jun 21, 2018

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Today, a conversation about cultivating start-up businesses in Baltimore.  What does it take in terms of money and people to bring an idea for a new product or service to the market?  A recent survey of 40 cities with the most start-up activity ranked Baltimore near the bottom.  Cities like San Francisco and New Yok continue to attract young entrepreneurs.  How can we get them to bring their talent here? 

Tom's three guests today help us answer those questions, from a variety of perspectives:

Christy Wyskiel runs the Johns Hopkins University Technology Ventures program.  She's also senior advisor to The Johns Hopkins University President, Ronald Daniels. 

Josh Russakis directs the Baltimore office of Venture for America, a two-year salaried fellowship program that matches recent college graduates with local start-ups. 

Floyd Jones is a fellow in that program, a recent college graduate who's working with a start-up youth-sports organization in Baltimore called VoloCity and the VoloCity Kids Foundation.

Christy Wyskiel, JHTechnology Ventures; Floyd Jones, VFA Fellow; Josh Russakis, Director, Venture for America-Baltimore
Credit photos courtesy Johns Hopkins U., Venture For America

They join Tom in the studio to share their experiences making Baltimore better for small business. 

We live streamed the conversation, and that video is posted on WYPR's Facebook page.