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The Future Of The Health Insurance Co-op

Evergreen Health Co-op, one of the insurers on the new health exchange, has signed up way fewer customers than they’d hoped. We talk about why, and how it’s adjusting, with Evergreen’s founder, Dr. Peter Beilenson.

Credit Dr. Peter Beilenson Credit: TEDxBaltimore / Flickr / Creative Commons

As of the end of October, about 4,600 Marylanders had enrolled in the Maryland Health Connection, the state’s online marketplace. Like those in many other states, Maryland’s marketplace has been hobbled by technical glitches. That’s meant lower enrollment for the six insurers on the exchange insurers like Evergreen Health Co-op. The number of people that have signed up with them since October 1st reaches only into the double-digits. 

With Sheilah to talk about how its adjusting to the low enrollment is Dr. Peter Beilenson. He’s founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Evergreen Health Co-op.

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