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Five Years of War in Syria

Mar 21, 2016

Refugees at the Greek-Macedonian border
Credit CAFOD Photo Library / Flickr via Creative Commons

  Last week marked a grim anniversary: five years of conflict in Syria. Nearly half the population has been displaced in that time, around 11 million people. Some have fled to other parts of the Middle East or to Europe. Many more have relocated within Syria. Nearly all require humanitarian aid, and despite peace talks and a shaky cease fire, the conflict is unlikely to end anytime soon. Meanwhile the European Union just announced they would send nearly all migrants arriving in Greece back to Turkey. What is the situation like on the ground? And how is the global community responding to the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II?

Our guests: Mark Ohanian, Director of Programs at the International Orthodox Christian Charities, and Bill O’Keefe, Vice President of Government Relations and Advocacy for Catholic Relief Services.