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Ellicott City Braces for Another Heavy Rain

May 31, 2018

Devastation from the Sunday's flood in Ellicott City.
Credit Dominique Maria Bonessi

With a storm watch remaining in effect through 2 a.m. Friday, Ellicott City residents and business owners gird for another round of possible flash flooding.

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman told reporters during a press conference today that if three to five inches of rain fall within an hour, flash floods could occur.

“We can make it less impactful, but we’re not going to stop all flooding,” said Kittleman.

Jim Irvin, director of public works, says since Sunday’s flood, crews removed 100 truck-loads of debris and other material from the channels that help drain water to the Patapsco River.

“There’s a lot of personal things that have gotten washed in there,” said Irvin. “From peoples’ back yards there’s swing-sets, play equipment, clothing, shoes, you name it, it’s down there.”

Meanwhile, business owners struggle with the decision to pack-up and move their business or rebuild. Kittleman has a message for them.

“I want to make sure you have all the resources and services available to make an informed decision,” said Kittleman.

In a statement Governor Larry Hogan said he has “directed the Maryland Emergency Management Agency to work closely with regional representatives from FEMA to seek all available assistance to support our public safety partners and our citizens who were affected as they work to rebuild.”

To fix the flooding issues in Ellicott City, Kittleman confirmed, it would take $80 million to find ways to mitigate water running to the river.