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Chasing A Killer & Preventing Gun Violence

Jan 6, 2016

A Baltimore City crime scene.
Credit Karl Merton Ferron via Baltimore Sun

  Last year was arguably Baltimore’s deadliest ever. By its end, the city suffered 344 homicides, and saw an additional 600 non-fatal shootings. Across town these crimes have strained resources, but perhaps none harder than police investigators.

In September, the Baltimore Sun was given exclusive access to the Baltimore Police Department’s homicide unit as it investigated the killing of a 29-year old man, Kevin Cannady, from Northwest Baltimore. The result was the five-part investigative series, Chasing A Killer, which details the painstaking process of uncovering and chasing leads in a homicide investigation and the struggle by police to regain the community’s trust. The series' author, Justin Fenton, is our first guest.

Then, we're joined by Sam Bieler​, a research associate in the Justice Policy Center at the Urban Institute, where he works on issues of gun violence, crime mapping, and social impact innovation. He is co-author of the new report Policing 2016: To Deliver Safety, Police Need Legitimacy and Accountability.