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Bike lanes reach settlement

Jun 28, 2017

Potomac Street bike lanes reaches a settlemnt
Credit Dominique Maria Bonessi / 1992

The great Potomac Street bike track controversy appears to be settled.

Mayor Catherine Pugh has a plan to maintain the bike lane, eliminate parallel parking on both sides of the street and allow angle parking on one side.

The whole thing blew up back in May when Pugh said she was going to tear up the $775,000 bike lane because the neighbors feared it would hamper emergency vehicles. The advocacy group Bikemore sued to keep the lane and a circuit judge temporarily blocked the city's plan to destroy it.

Pugh announced her new plan at a news conference Wednesday.

"I'm glad we've come to this point," she said. "But as I initially said to people I had a responsibility to protect the bikers, but I also had the responsibility to protect the neighborhood and the neighbors as well."

Liz Cornish, Bikemore director, called for more cooperation.

"We're all part of the same community," she said. "You know moving forward we don't allow something as simple as  road design to become so divisive. I think the city needs to take the lead on that."

The mayor's office will allow for a 30-day trial period for residents to voice their comments and concerns.