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Arts and Advocacy in West Baltimore

Dec 19, 2018

Credit Todd Marcus

We meet residents of West Baltimore who nurture community and healing through the arts. Jazz composer Todd Marcus draws inspiration from two decades of living and working alongside his neighbors with the non-profit ‘Intersection of Change.’

Then Marion Blackwell, manager of the nonprofit ‘Historic Pennsylvania Avenue Main Street,’ talks about restoration of the celebrated Arch Social Club facade and spoken-word poet Brion Gill leads the charge to designate the area as a black arts-and-entertainment district.

For information about the "Thank You for Voting for Us" celebration at Arch Social Club, visit this link.

Sign the petition to designate Pennsylvania Ave. as a Black arts and entertainment district HERE.

For information about Todd Marcus Quintet in concert at Creative Alliance, visit this link, and for other performances: Home Slyce, 12/19/18, Kennedy Center, 1/10/19, The Avalon in Easton, Md 1/12/19